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Možnosti oddychu

- posedenie vo vinárni Ďateľ
- pozemok pre športové aktivity - badminton
- ohnisko s hojdačkou
- predaj lístkov na splav Dunajec v Červenom Kláštore so zľavou
- spoločenské hry (karaoke, twister a iné)
- možnosť zapožičania bicyklov, lyží
- sauna (čítajte nižšie)


Sauna is becoming at present the part of our living style. The sauna regenerate body and soul, dismantles the nerve tension, brings psychical as well the physical relaxation. It is the resource of the juvenility; it helps to strengthen the blood circulation, improves the heart activity and revives the skin. Who once lived through these feelings in the sauna, confirms it surely. As a matter of fact that increasingly more enthusiasts likes the healthy and pleasant stay in the place of sauna. Try her genial influence in our sauna after the coming from the daylong tour or from skiing. We invite you cordially!

Sauna price per 1 hour - 27 €