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Activities in the surroundings

Červený kláštor - Red Closter (more)

30 km north-east from Ždiar is situated the National cultural landmark Červený kláštor – Red Closter. The closter of the strict Carthusian order and later Camadul order was built in the 14th century and till present is kept in excellent condition. In its space is established the Ethnographical Museum that approaches the history and the closter life of the mentioned orders and rare art-historical remains from Červený Kláštor as well from whole area of the Northern Spiš. In one of the objects of museum is established an interesting pharmaceutical exposition dedicated to a well-know frater Cyprián – mediaeval healer, herbalist, botanist and flying innovator who was for his attempts to fly called also the Flying Monk.

Rafting of the river Dunajec (more)

Near by Červený kláštor runs the beautiful river Dunajec. During the millenniums it excavated into the lime cliff a romantic narrow – Break of river Dunajec. The rafting of the on the rafts and the return back on the touring path to Červený kláštor belong to the unforgettable experience that you cannot let to run away.


In the surroundings of the pension are situated several thermal resorts easy accessible by car that offer the rest and relaxation in the healing thermal water that springs from the depth of earth.

Vyšné Ružbachy (more)
Bešeňová (more)
Aquacity Poprad (more)
Vrbov (more)


The suitable locality of Ždiar on the northern part of Tatra enables keeping of the snow as long as possible in the year. More than 20 ski-lifts in the neighborhoods of the pension allow the excellent enjoyment of the ski holiday. The ski-runners will like 30 km adjusted ski tracks in the surroundings of Ždiar with beautiful sight of Belianske Tatra.

Tatranská Javorina - Taja
Tatranská Lomnica - Skalnaté Pleso, Jamy
Štrbské Pleso - Esíčko, Interski
Male Ciche (more)

More about skiing in the surroundings…


The beauty of the underground world fascinates the people since time out of mind. The slender cold beauty, unique trickled formations and enormous strength of the earth mother are presented in the caves of Tatra. The day-long trip in the caves in the surroundings leaves in your mind unforgettable memories. Visit the Belianska cave, Demänovské caves, Dobšinskú ice cave or Važecká cave and you will not be disappointed!

Belianska cave (more)


The tenths of kilometers of the paths cross the whole Tatra and they offer extraordinary possibility to get carried away by the fascinating natural scenery of Tatra. Do not miss a good weather and let to invite you for the tourist walk in the surroundings. (more)